Who are we?

We are a premium women's clothing, beauty and lifestyle store. 

Is the sister brand of Lux Artistry. Is an Online store whos main aim is to provide goods and services to all women within South Africa and beyond (EU, USA and AUS to name a few) 

Started in the midst's of the global pandemic in 2020 Lux Artistry was born, focusing on Beauty Therapy in Cape Town, South Africa. With this business quickly growing the need arose to expand the business idea and provide a lifestyle service to all its customers and even beyond the customers scope, The Lux Label was born and created. 

I believe every women, no matter their background, deserves to be glamorous, beautiful, look there best 24/7 and this is why i leapt into the online store market to bring you quality lifestyle products to suit your every need. 

The Lux Label will not shy away from the issues we face in South Africa, rising unemployment, poverty and the difficulty our youth face in finding and navigating their way in this ever changing harsh job/economic landscape. We are looking to provide a support service to various Local Female / Male Suppliers, Designers for products (Clothing, Accessories, Beauty and even arts) created locally, so they can showcase and sell there creations online and be part of a platform that helps and grows our local small business economy. We are also looking for female entrepreneurs who would like to join up with us and place there catalogues/creations on our website in order for us to showcase and sell in order to get their names out there for the rest of South Africa, and the world to see. 

I know first hand how tough it can be, starting your own business and getting your business to grow, starting with the bare minimum, I built step by step to where Lux Artistry and The Lux Label is today. 


I thank you for your support and be safe


Kirsten Donne Daniels and The Lux Label Team